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“ All companies want investors who can bring more than cash. The partners and advisors at Tullis Health Investors have solid, long-term reputations, and John Tullis is a strong Surefire Medical board member and an invaluable resource in extending our business into China. ”

— Norman R. Weldon, Board Chairman, Surefire Medical, Inc.

“ It is refreshing to work with Jim Tullis, who understands that the value of an organization is its leadership first, followed by the brands. His guidance comes with experience and deep knowledge of our industry. When things are going well, he is there to cheer us on, and when the inevitable bumps in the road are hit, he is the calming voice that finds solutions. He is the confidant that every CEO should have. ”

— Ron Rocca, President & CEO, Exagen Diagnostics, Inc.


TG | Tullis Growth

Tullis Growth Fund was registered and launched in 2014.  The fund's strategy and investment approach are based on the cumulative successes of our prior funds and a refinement of our strategy and focus for generating high value for our investors through health care investing. The fund began investing in late 2014 and has completed four investments so far.  


Orthosensor, has pioneered the development of smart sensor technology to assist in orthopedic implant surgery.  The company’s first product, Verisense, targets the replacement knee marketplace and has achieved FDA approval.  Orthosensor has established partnerships with 4 of the 5 leading producers of knee implants. OrthoSensor’s technology makes use of smart technological devices, such as those developed and miniaturized for smartphones. Some examples of this technology include integrated circuits, digital signal processors, RFID, embedded biosensors and accelerometers.  OrthoSensor is leading the evolution of orthopaedic surgery as more surgeons begin using advanced surgical technologies and new analytical and implantable products. 

Surefire Medical

Surefire Medical develops, manufactures, and markets medical devices, in particular catheters to precisely deliver therapeutic drugs in liver cancer patients. The goal of the Surefire delivery system is to increase the concentration of cancer drugs/embolization agents in the tumor while decreasing the uptake of these toxic agents in surrounding healthy tissue. Surefire has achieved US FDA approval and a running rate in revenue approaching $5 million per year. The Surefire system is used in over 100 hospitals in the US and in 14 countries around the world. It has been clinically proven to improve tumor penetration and to reduce procedure time in liver cancer. Surefire devices may have utility in other forms of cancer and other disease states pursuant to research currently underway. 


Exagen Diagnostics, Inc. is a commercial-stage diagnostics company committed to addressing the significant unmet need for the accurate diagnosis and monitoring of patients affected by autoimmune rheumatic diseases/autoimmune connective tissue disease, or ARDs/CTD. ARDs are a group of approximately 30 chronic disorders that create a significant burden on the health care system. These chronic diseases can cause lifelong inflammation in the joints, tissues and internal organs, resulting in serious complications, such as irreversible organ damage. Untreated chronic inflammation can also lead to premature hardening of the arteries, heart attacks and strokes. It is estimated that 11 million patients in the United States suffer from ARDs. Exagen markets four products under its Avise brand to provide treatment for ARDs. In 2013 the company processed approximately 9,300 patient specimens for its lead diagnostic product line, Avise SLE, and approximately 11,100 in the first six months of 2014.