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July 06, 2013

SupplyPro Announces Chief Revenue Officer and Customer Relationship Management Department

San Diego, Calif.  – SupplyPro, the premier provider of automated Point-of-Use (POU) inventory management solutions, today announced the promotion of Stan Sigman to EVP, Chief Revenue Officer with worldwide responsibilities. His role will be expanded to include global sales and the integration of customer point-of-use vending strategies worldwide. Stan is a seasoned veteran in the industrial marketplace and has been with SupplyPro for over 14 years. He has a track record of success with a variety of customers in a diversity of industries. “Stan’s extraordinary leadership skills have not only contributed to SupplyPro, but have helped our customers develop competitively successful vending strategies. I feel very fortunate to have an executive on the team with such outstanding performance, remarkable talent and sound judgment,” said Floyd Miller, President and CEO of SupplyPro.

SupplyPro also announced the newly created global Customer Relationship Management Department to support SupplyPro’s partners’ increased strategic focus on vending as a key component of the programs offered to their customers. They will ensure that SupplyPro products and services are properly integrated into strategic programs that contribute to our partners’ and their customers’ goals. Headed by Cari Palmer, who has been with SupplyPro for almost 20 years, the department will include Duncan Currie, International Account Management Director, who has been with the company over 14 years.

“Cari’s unique combination of intuitive and analytical abilities as well as passion for delivering exceptional customer satisfaction made her the perfect choice for this new position: she is a strategic asset to our customers and an innovative problem solver, ” said Floyd Miller, President/CEO of SupplyPro. “Both Cari and Duncan Currie have been with the company and in this industry a long time and have enormous institutional knowledge and experience. I am excited to have them both focusing their attention on how to build exceptional relationships with our customers and providing strategic direction to assist them execute their inventory management strategies.”

According to Miller, “Vending has reached critical mass, a tipping point, and is becoming a significant growth component for many of our distribution partners. With such enormous opportunities, we created this department to strengthen our capabilities and leverage the tremendously talented management resources that currently exist within the company. Cari brings a proven track record of success and effective leadership to this position. We have great confidence in her and we are excited she will be leading this new department.”

“It is an exciting opportunity to be selected for this role and to build a new department based on one of my passions – customers. I look forward to working with the SupplyPro team and our customers to develop strategies that capitalize on the double-digit growth in Vending and toward providing our customers with a competitive edge in the marketplace. I have worked with Duncan for a long time and am thrilled to have him joining my department. He has an enormous depth of customer facing and technical problem solving experience,” said Cari Palmer, Chief Customer Relationship Management Officer.

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