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September 10, 2012

SupplyPro Unveils New Refrigerated and Tablet-Based Vending Applications at IMTS 2012


SupplyPro, the premier provider of Point-of-Use (POU) inventory management solutions, today announced the release of two new devices, the SupplyChiller and the SupplyPad.

The SupplyChiller

Truly the “coolest” device in SupplyPro’s solution set, the SupplyChiller, is the first device to bring Point- of-Use control to refrigerated materials on the manufacturing floor. This device features a locking mechanism uniquely tied to our industry-leading SupplyPort software. When an employee selects a refrigerated item from their approved list, the SupplyChiller automatically unlocks and records the transaction in SupplyPort. The SupplyChiller is ideal for materials including sealants, solder paste, adhesives, medicines, lab components, and anything else that needs to be maintained at a cool temperature. The SupplyChiller can also track product expiration dates and will direct users to older items first for dispense. Replacement alerts can be sent to administrators for items that have reached their expiration dates.

The SupplyPad

The SupplyPad harnesses new tablet-based technologies to bring materials control via RFID and barcode scanning anywhere in a facility. Transactions can either be wirelessly uploaded as the unit is carried from location-to-location, or in cases where wireless is not available, they will upload as soon as the device is returned to the docking station. The docking station itself can be mounted on a desktop or even in a vehicle (forklift, car, or maintenance vehicle) so users can bring control to multiple facility locations with one device.

Both the SupplyChiller and SupplyPad support all normal SupplyPro software functionality including kitting, order-based fulfillment, and all standard reporting, ordering, business rules and permissions apply.

“Again, SupplyPro is leading the innovation charge in the Point-of-Use vending industry,” said David J. Simbari, President and CEO of SupplyPro, Inc. “The SupplyChiller and SupplyPad make use of the latest technology trends to bring additional avenues of control to manufacturing facilities. Our development strategies focus on applications that users need right now to expand their materials control, accountability and cost tracking capabilities.”

SupplyPro device demonstrations can be viewed at booth # W-1091 at IMTS, Sept. 10-15, 2012. About SupplyPro – Simplicity that Delivers

SupplyPro, Inc. is the premier provider of Point-of-Use (POU) inventory management solutions with over 6,000 installations in 40 countries. Our solutions bring proven simplification to the distribution and management of MROP, safety and tooling supplies at the work cell. They are easily adaptable to customers’ business environments to deliver the industry’s highest return on investment. SupplyPro is the industry-leader in interfacing with existing ERP and supply chain systems. For more information, visit www.supplypro.com, email info@supplypro.com or call 1.513.671.4933 x 107.


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