Leadership in health care private equity since 1986

"Tullis-Dickerson’s investment made it possible for PSS to become the largest physician supply company in the US. More importantly, their expertise as directors helped us go public.”

— Patrick C. Kelly, Chairman & CEO


Distribution & Infrastructure

Our activity in the distribution and infrastructure area of health care began with an investment in PSS.  We were the lead and sole professional venture fund to invest in PSS, which went on to become the largest physician supply company in the United States, with revenue and market cap exceeding $1 billion. Distribution and infrastructure are components of the health care delivery system, and innovative models and systems designed to improve efficiency continue to create attractive investment opportunities.

INVESTMENT CASE STUDY: Distribution & Infrastructure Investment


Physician Sales & Service — the country's largest supplier of medical products to physician practices. PSS carries more than 55,000 different medical products, representing over 1,000 major manufacturers.