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Advisory Board

David Leffell

David Leffell | MD, Venture Partner, Advisory Board Member

<span 12px;"="">Dr. Leffell is the David Paige Smith Professor Dermatology and Surgery at the Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut. He is Chief of the Section of Dermatologic Surgery and Cutaneous Oncology in the School of Medicine and attending physician at Yale New Haven Hospital. For 15 years he was CEO of the Yale Medical Group and is widely credited with transforming the faculty practice into a competitive nationally recognized physician practice group.

Barbara Bierer

Barbara Bierer | MD, Venture Partner, Advisory Board Member

Barbara is Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, and a hematologist/oncologist. She joined our Advisory Board in December, 2009. She is the faculty co-chair of the Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center at Harvard University (Harvard MRCT), a study center whose purpose is to improve the ethical, logistical and regulatory aspects of international clinical trials, with a special focus on the emerging economies, and The Director of the Regulatory Foundations, Ethics and Law Program of The Harvard Clinical and Translational Sciences Center. She founded the BWH Innovation Hub (iHub), a focus for entrepreneurship and innovation. Previously, she served as senior vice president, research at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital for 11 years, and as chair of the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Human Research Protections, HHS. Barbara graduated with honors from Yale College and attended Harvard Medical School.

Tina Nova

Tina Nova | PhD, Advisory Board Member

<span 12px;"="">Tina S, Nova, PhD currently serves as the Senior Vice President & General Manager of the Oncology Business Unit of Illumina, Inc. Prior to Illumina, she served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Genoptix, Inc., a Novartis Company, which she co-founded in 2000.  Genoptix was a portfolio company in the Tullis Dickerson  II Fund.  Dr. Nova was also a co-founder of Nanogen, Inc.

Das Narayandas

Das Narayandas | PhD, Advisory Board Member

<span 12px;"="">Das is the James J. Hill Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School and is the Senior Associate Dean, Chair, Harvard Business Publishing and Senior Associate Dean, Chair, Executive Education. Das has consulted and/or developed and executed in-house training programs, and his background includes management experience in sales and marketing that involved field strategic planning, field salesforce management, new product development, channel management and marketing communications. 

Waneta Tuttle

Waneta Tuttle | PhD, MBA, Advisory Board Member

<span 12px;"="">Waneta is owner and chief executive officer of Southwest Medical Ventures. Over the past 15 years, she has served as start-up chief executive officer for new companies founded in health care. She was founding chief executive officer of Indigo Medical (now owned by Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon Endosurgery), Patient Technologies, Inc., and PhDx Systems, Inc. She is a co-founder of Exagen Diagnostics, Inc.  

Sandy Smith

Sandy Smith | Advisor, Advisory Board Member

<span 12px;"="">Sandy brings more than 30 years of experience in global biotech and pharmaceutical executive leadership, with a particular strength in establishing and growing commercial platforms.  Prior to joining Tullis, Sandy was executive vice president and president of the International Group for Genzyme Corporation, which comprised more than half of Genzyme's revenue.  Genzyme was purchased by Sanofi in 2011 for $21 billion.