ATEC Furthers Clinical Distinction with Launch of InVictus® OCT Posterior Fixation System for the Cervical and Thoracic Spine

Completes InVictus System Allowing Seamless Spinal Fixation from Occiput to Ilium

CARLSBAD, Calif., March 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Alphatec Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATEC), a provider of innovative solutions dedicated to revolutionizing the approach to spine surgery, announced today the launch of the InVictus® Occipital-Cervical-Thoracic (OCT) Spinal Fixation System, which extends the sophistication of the InVictus Posterior Fixation Platform to the entire spine.  The InVictus System is engineered to provide adaptable, predictable surgical treatment of a range of pathologies through open, MIS, or hybrid approaches.

“The speed by which we have created and fully launched a comprehensive occiput-to-ilium fixation system with InVictus is unprecedented,” said Pat Miles, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “In less than two years, ATEC has orchestrated, from design to commercialization, the largest system our teams have ever released. This speaks to the prowess of the Organic Innovation Machine. With the release of InVictus OCT, we are obviating the last of the legacy Alphatec products and can now offer a clinically distinct platform capable of seamlessly treating the entire spine.”

The first new product to launch within ATEC’s posterior cervical portfolio, InVictus OCT minimizes potential tulip splay and cross-threading, utilizing helical flange technology. The system uniquely gives surgeons the option of utilizing single- or dual-rod tulips to create multi-rod constructs that cross the occipito-cervical junction with increased biomechanical stability. To address the challenges commonly associated with crossing the cervico-thoracic junction, the system features multiple favored-angle screws, a variety of rod-to-rod connectors and seamlessly integrating transition rods. To enhance predictability and optionality, the system is fully compatible with the SafeOpTM Neural InformatiX System, Arsenal® Spinal Fixation System, and the InVictus Spinal Fixation System.

“The commercial release of InVictus OCT cements ATEC as the emerging leader in spine,” affirmed Dr. Timothy Kuklo, principal spine surgeon and co-director at the Denver International Spine Center at Presbyterian / St. Luke’s Medical Center. “InVictus OCT extends the InVictus Posterior Fixation System, creating a single system that can address the entire spine from occiput to ilium with the familiar and consistent instrument design, color coding, and nomenclature that surgeons have become accustomed to through the InVictus Thoracolumbar systems. Expertly designed for ease of use, InVictus OCT offers a thread design that simplifies screw insertion, visual and tactile feedback, proximal thoracic transition options and a 4-rod occipital module.  ATEC has clearly developed a best-in-class occipital-cervical solution.”

Key Features of the InVictus OCT Spinal Fixation System 

  • Integrates with SafeOp Neural InformatiX System to predictability provide surgeons with real-time, actionable information to detect and monitor the health of nerves at risk during posterior fixation
  • Adapts intraoperatively to surgical requirements with robust instruments and customizable implants designed to accept multiple rod diameters and materials, which enables the treatment of more advanced pathologies
  • Offers multiple favored-angle screws, a variety of rod-to-rod connectors, and transition rods that work in combination to facilitate crossing the cervico-thoracic junction
  • Integrates with InVictus Spinal Fixation System to achieve additional levels of fixation

About Alphatec Holdings, Inc.

Alphatec Holdings, Inc. (ATEC), through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Alphatec Spine, Inc. and SafeOp Surgical, Inc., is a medical device company dedicated to revolutionizing the approach to spine surgery through clinical distinction. ATEC’s Organic Innovation Machine is focused on developing new approaches that integrate seamlessly with the SafeOp Neural InformatiX System to safely and reproducibly treat spine’s various pathologies and achieve the goals of spine surgery. ATEC’s vision is to become the Standard Bearer in Spine. For more information, visit us at www.atecspine.com.

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