Exagen Initiates Study to Predict Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug Response (RADR) in Patients with RA

TIGER study to assess whether certain biomarkers from synovial biopsies of inflamed joint tissue accurately predict response to antirheumatic medications

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Exagen Inc. (Nasdaq: XGN), a leading provider of autoimmune testing solutions, announced today the launch of a prospective clinical study designed to validate a novel and minimally invasive genomic diagnostic test for rheumatoid arthritis using the AVISE® RADR platform. The goal of the Treatment stratIfication using Gene Expression profiling in Rheumatoid arthritis (TiGER) study is to assess whether certain biomarkers from synovial biopsies of inflamed joint tissue accurately predict response to antirheumatic medications. The TiGER study is the next step in Exagen’s process of bringing AVISE® RADR to market.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a complex and chronic autoimmune disease, and can cause not only debilitating joint pain and severe joint deformities, but damage to internal organs. We believe that while there are multiple treatment options available, the appropriate medication for each individual patient is found mostly through trial and error. Approximately 120,000 Americans are diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis every year, with 2 million patients currently living with the disease. Total rheumatoid arthritis therapeutic spending in the United States is $30B, with 70-80% of rheumatoid arthritis patients failing to reach low disease activity, leading to $18B in wasted therapeutic spending.

“Over the past two decades, the treatment options available to patients with rheumatoid arthritis have greatly expanded. However, the quest for biomarkers that would indicate which medication is most effective for a given patient is still ongoing. Recent advances in ultrasound technology allow physicians to biopsy an inflamed joint and obtain synovial tissue using a minimally invasive technique. I am excited to partner with Exagen on the TiGER study to identify biomarkers in synovial tissue for drug response in rheumatoid arthritis, paving the way to a new age of personalized medicine in the treatment of this debilitating disease,” said Dr. Ami Ben-Artzi, Principal Investigator of the TiGER study.

“Most patients who deal with rheumatoid arthritis often need to try a variety of medications before finding the one that works. Unfortunately, this process can take a long time. This is not only costly, but it also means that patients deal with unnecessary pain and lack of mobility,” said Ron Rocca, President and CEO of Exagen Inc. “The mission of the TiGER study is to help establish personalized medicine as the primary form of care in rheumatoid arthritis.”

About Exagen Inc.

Exagen (Nasdaq: XGN) is a leading provider of autoimmune diagnostic, prognostic, and monitoring testing solutions. Exagen is a patient focused, discovery driven organization built on the success of AVISE testing and is investing in its product pipeline to support patients throughout their autoimmune diagnosis and treatment journeys. The goal at Exagen is to assist patients, physicians, and payors by enabling precision medicine. Exagen is located in San Diego County with clinical and research and development laboratories in Vista, CA.

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