Neurolens Announces 2022 O.D. Advisory Board

Coppell, Texas, December 15, 2021 – In order to ensure continued focus on addressing the unique and changing needs of the independent eyecare provider, Neurolens has announced an expanded O.D. Advisory Board for 2022. Ray Corbin-Simon, O.D. will serve as the Chair of the Neurolens Advisory Board. This organization will play a critical role in helping Neurolens define key growth strategies and bring new innovations to market throughout the coming years.

“At Neurolens, we are passionate about supporting independent optometry, and expanding our Advisory Board under the leadership of an exceptionally talented clinician in Dr. Corbin-Simon will ensure that we never lose sight of our core customers,” said Pierre Bertrand, Chief Executive Officer of Neurolens. “Today, we serve almost 600 eyecare providers, and that number grows by the day. I could not be more excited about the ways Neurolens can continue to support and serve these committed professionals.”

After graduating from optometry school, Dr. Ray Corbin-Simon followed her passion for teaching, by becoming a member of the SUNY College of Optometry staff, serving as Assistant Clinical Professor and Chief of the Eye Service at the East New York Diagnostic and Treatment Center. In 2004, Dr. Corbin-Simon followed her dream of opening a practice of her own, engaging with The Power Practice to provide key insights and support.

Dr. Corbin-Simon has always been about helping people and making them smile. She deeply enjoys connecting with all her patients and resolving their issues through a dedicated holistic approach. She and her team strive to provide exceptional, personal, and innovative eye care. As Chair of the Neurolens Advisory Board, Dr. Corbin-Simon will facilitate regular meetings and drive key outcomes, represent Neurolens in peer-to-peer events, and ensure a constant flow of communication between the providers and the organization.

Dr. Corbin-Simon said, “I am honored and excited to help lead Neurolens into the future. I have seen firsthand the life-changing impact that Neurolens technology can have on patients and practices, and I am eager to work with other talented professionals to allow even more providers and patients to access these outcomes.”

Also serving on the Advisory Board will be Adam Ramsey, O.D., Alli Markowski, O.D., Amanda Nanasy, O.D., Brenda Montecalvo, O.D., Dayna Hazlewood, O.D., Dora Sudarksy, O.D., Jeff Krall, O.D., Matt Dixon, O.D., Paul Karpecki, O.D. and Tausha Barton, O.D.

To learn more about Neurolens, please visit our website at https://www.neurolenses.com/.


About Neurolens

Inspired by a breakthrough discovery linking optometry and neurology, Neurolens is unlocking a new dimension of vision care. With patented Contoured Prism technology, Neurolenses are the first and only prescription lenses that go beyond visual acuity to provide visual comfort for the nearly 65% of US adults who complain of headaches, neck/shoulder pain and eyestrain when using digital devices, reading or doing detail work. The Neurolens Contoured Prism design helps the eyes work together comfortably, bringing the eyes into alignment to relieve painful symptoms. Technology from Neurolens is only available to independent eyecare providers.