Neurolens Partners With The University Of Montreal’s Clinique Universitaire De La Vision

Joint projects will fuel Neurolens clinical foundation and future product innovations

Coppell, Texas, March 22, 2022 – Aspiring to redefine the industry standard by providing eyecare that goes beyond visual acuity, Neurolens continually strives to forge partnerships that strengthen its clinical foundation. This is especially important given the sharp acceleration in remote working and learning, as optometrists have reported record numbers of patients experiencing the symptoms of eye misalignment such as headaches, eye strain, and neck pain. Neurolenses have been proven to efficiently alleviate these symptoms.

To fuel continued growth, Neurolens continues to invest heavily into R&D initiatives, developing new technologies and clinical research initiatives. These, in turn, lead to continued transformation of the eyecare industry. A key driver of these initiatives is partnership with leading schools of optometry such as the École d’optométrie de l’Université de Montréal. The two organizations will partner on several collaborative projects intended to define future product line enhancements and conceptualize product innovations, particularly in myopia control.

“We are thrilled and honored to partner with an institution with a well-known reputation for innovation like the École d’optométrie de l’Université de Montréal,” said Pierre Bertrand, CEO of Neurolens. “We are announcing a major donation of a 2nd generation Neurolens measuring device (NMD2) to the Clinique Universitaire de la Vision. This exciting partnership will help us define our innovation roadmap for years to come, and allow us to drive even more life-changing patient outcomes.”

Founded in 1910, the École d’optométrie de l’Université de Montréal trains tomorrow’s eyecare professionals in the highest quality services at the front line of eye care, in partnership with other health professionals, and in close collaboration with ophthalmologists. The school is able to quickly adapt its curriculum to address rapid societal challenges such as children’s vision and treatment of visual disorders related to learning difficulties, the impact of technological devices on vision, neuro-optometry related to post-concussion ocular manifestations, and tele-optometry.

“According to Dr. Langis Michaud, Optometrist and Director of the School of Optometry, “Innovation is in the DNA of our School. Considering the rapid changes we are subjected to, it is important to use the latest technology to help diagnose and treat visual anomalies. Neurolens’ major donation opens doors to innovative technologies that will benefit our patients. In addition, by developing a research partnership, we will be able to pool our strengths and develop products that will meet the visual needs of this technological age where children’s eyes are under great strain. We are excited to partner with Neurolens to fuel that will allow the industry to continue to adapt to the changing needs of patients worldwide.”

To learn more about the University de Montréal School of Optometry, please visit opto.umontreal.ca.

About Neurolens

Inspired by a breakthrough discovery linking optometry and neurology, Neurolens is unlocking a new dimension of vision care. With patented Contoured Prism technology, Neurolenses are the first and only prescription lenses that go beyond visual acuity to provide visual comfort for the nearly 65% of US adults who complain of headaches, neck/shoulder pain and eyestrain when using digital devices, reading or doing detail work. The Neurolens Contoured Prism design helps the eyes work together comfortably, bringing the eyes into alignment to relieve painful symptoms. Technology from Neurolens is only available to Independent Eye Care Providers.

To learn more about Neurolens, please visit https://www.neurolenses.com/.